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You don’t know how they do it, but you know it when you see it. Great film acting takes talent but it also needs practical skills. Professional actor McNamara walks us through 13 “scenes” in lecture format, covering everything from the audition and callback to matching shots, finding your mark, shooting the master and coverage, recording sound and translating director-speak. His emphasis is on the craft, not the art, and he uses entertaining anecdotes and examples (some of them from his movies) to make his points. Students will be armed with the real-life, useful knowledge needed to handle the demanding days and last-minute calls in this competitive field. You’ll never watch movies the same way again."
Adam Mckeith

Actor/Acting student

"This DVD is worth at least $500 for anyone interested in film Acting."

I learned more from the first 25 minutes of watching this DVD than most of my acting classes combined. I feel it is an invaluable asset to anyone who is, or is aspiring to be a film actor. It's obvious Mr. McNamara has mastered his craft. And he teaches in a simple and concise manner, where anyone of any skill level can understand. If you have any interest in film acting, you will do yourself a Great DISSERVICE if you pass up on this Opportunity to learn from Mr. McNamara on this DVD. I highly recommend it.

Marylouise Wilson

2007 Tony Award Winner

"A Must for Film and TV Acting"

This DVD should be available to acting students in every college library in the country. Today most of an actor's work is on television or film, and J. Patrick McNamara's advice is invaluable. As an actor myself who has had hundreds of camera auditions over the years, I can testify that he knows what he is talking about. His tips are particularly valuable for reading on tape. He lays out each step in the process and shows you how to give your best shot.

Joel Zwick

director of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and 500+ TV Episodes

"An essential primer"

"The Craft of Film Acting" is a fantastic primer that states clearly and simply what acting is. It de- mythifies illusions that all beginning film actors seem to have.

Brian Morvant

Actor/Fight Choreographer/Stunt Coordinator

"Great tips and insights"

J. Patrick gives practical tips for every working actor such as how to scale your performance to the frame and hit your mark, uses great exercises and clips from past films to show what it takes to be truthful on screen, and does it all with charm and funny anecdotes from his own experience working with such directors as Steven Spielberg and Brian De Palma. He has a great passion and knowledge, loves sharing it, and this DVD could be helpful for actors in every stage of their career.

Debra F. Gaudet

Actor/Acting Teacher

"This is it!!!"

it was an answer to my prayer to find this incredible tool. After 6 years intense training and 2 years of searching, I finally found something NEW I can learn from. This DVD is absolutely indispensable. J Patrick McNamara covers everything with such clarity. His delivery is professional, yet endearing and with just the right element of humor. He allows the actor to get a full understanding of every aspect of film acting... from the audition process to what to expect working on set. There's no doubt "THE CRAFT of FILM ACTING" is a TREASURE. From a selfish point of view, I'm reluctant to share it with the competition!

Vernel Bagneris

Broadway and Film Star

"A lesson well taught"

This DVD offers a lifetime of experience and advice brought down to a concise and entertaining 109 minutes. My initial intention was to sit back and casually be informed, which I was. But, I soon found myself "pausing" and penciling down notes. It's a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to know about the actor's role in filmmaking and the responsibilities of preparation. McNamara has put together a legacy of his personal experiences, found an interesting way to examine these challenges, and then offered possible solutions to his students. Highly recommended.

R. Gural "Ron"

Actor/Director/Acting Teacher

"You should have this in your collection..."

...if you want to act in film. A must have full of practical advice from someone who has been there and knows how to do it.

Ray Vrazel

"Film acting de-mystified!"

If you have ever been curious about how to act under the conditions imposed by the camera, this DVD will answer most of your questions. Concise, incisive, encouraging, and energizing are words that aptly apply to the experience of this recording. More importantly, if you have ever desired or intended to perform for the camera but were just too intimidated by it all, Patrick McNamara's DVD will give you the permission and the push you need to attain the craft of film acting!    

M. Santos

Actor/Director/Acting Teacher

"A must for actors."

Clear, concise and full of usable, practical information. If you want to be a better film actor and give better auditions, get it and watch it over and over.   

Rick Hamilton and Fredi Olster

Actors/Directors/Acting Teachers

"Must see!"

This is an incredibly succinct, insightful and logical exploration of the tricks and techniques an actor must learn in order to give a truthful film performance. 
McNamara has crystallized the lessons he learned during his many years of screen acting, combined them with his brilliant teaching abilities and turned out a must see series of acting lessons - each sequence building and expanding upon the previous - and each loaded with `ahah' moments that demystify the craft - and make us realize that with practice, we CAN do it. 
At the end, McNamara says a subtitle for the DVD might be "things I wish somebody had taught me when I started working in film" - that is exactly what he does for us - we were blown away. This is an invaluable tool for every actor.